Big Big Show Producer and Host, Jim Campbell and Tommy Habeeb, Host IAMA Reddit

As a special treat to the fans and supporters of The Big Big Show, producer Jim Campbell and host Tommy Habeeb took to's IAMA discussion board today. Fans and Redditors posed questions ranging various topics in the three-hour rapid-fire … [Read more]

Las Vegas Sun writes about Big Big Show The smoke alarm in the hotel has blared not once but thrice, but the Diceman refuses to be interrupted. “Just ignore it,” he tells … [Read more]

WFAA: Texas talent to shine in national spotlight (Video)

WFAA: Sep 17, 2013 - Some of the most talented and talentless people in the country are hoping for a chance to shine in the national spotlight with a new talent competition television show. Filmed in Dallas, it's called the Big Big Show and it's … [Read more]

Andrew ‘Dice’ Clay, Tara Reid, Tom Green and Tommy Habeeb Sign on to Star in “The Big Big Show”

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE DALLAS August 13, 2013 – Signed, Sealed, and to be Delivered to a television screen near you. Big Big Show Productions, LLC announced Monday that it signed a deal with Andrew ‘Dice’ Clay (Blue Jasmine, Entourage, … [Read more]

The Daily Beast takes notice Andrew Dice Clay—or Dice, Diceman, whatever you prefer—probably shouldn’t be around anymore. He’s a stegosaurus. A relic … [Read more]

Huffpost mentions Big Big Show LOS ANGELES -- Andrew Dice Clay is on a roll. Or as the comedian sees it, enjoying a resurgence. He's in Woody Allen's latest movie, "Blue Jasmine"; will … [Read more]